Post-Pandemic Hybrid Virtual Recruiting
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The Hybrid Workplace: Why Virtual Recruitment is Essential

When you think 3 months down the road, even a year later, how do you envision your workplace? Will things go “back to normal” where everyone goes back to the office, and everything returns to in-person? Or is this concept of virtual engagement the new norm?

Google announced just the last week that they will be expanding their hybrid virtual workplace and that “virtual is here to stay,” even post-pandemic. Organizations will have to strategically incorporate this virtual aspect in all their departments, and that’s not easy when your company has been solely relying on face-to-face interactions in the past.

Due to safety precautions of covid in the workplace, this concept of a hybrid virtual work environment has been the most appealing for organizations to adopt into their current structure. Not only does this allow the company to reap the benefits from going virtual, but it also enhances the customer experience while maintaining that personable factor of face-to-face interactions.


This idea of virtual recruiting (also referred to as e-recruiting) has especially been challenging for the Human Resources department of companies, specifically in the recruitment process. When you think of a typical interview that your company conducts, think of all the components that the interview process entails: placing job ads for candidate sourcing, selecting from a pool of screened applicants, interviews are physically set up with a time and location, communicating with team members across multiple departments, collecting feedback from the candidates, and so much more.


The benefits of virtual recruiting have continued to prove itself over time and experience of multiple different companies, and as time passes, the social norm has been affected by this technological paradigm shift. Not only can a company adopt all the successful processes of virtual recruiting, but also obtain the effective personable interactions to give the candidates this enhanced type of hybrid virtual engagement.

Covid proved many benefits of hybrid virtual engagement as a broad concept. But the idea can be applied to specific areas within your organization. In this example, if you don’t know where to start, especially if you haven’t hosted virtual hiring events, you may think, “Are the benefits really worth changing the way how my company works and finds candidates today?”

CORE BENEFITS of E-Recruiting:

  • Reduce Hiring Costs
  • Accelerate Time-to-Hire & On-Boarding
  • No Physical Office Space or Travel Time
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience
  • Inclusive – Larger Candidate Pool
  • Not Location-Based Outreach – Diverse Pool of Candidates
  • Flexibility & From the Comfort of Your Own Home
  • Brand Expansion
  • Consistency
  • Formality – Glimpse into Company Culture with Relaxed Virtual Environment


You may think that this idea of e-recruiting is great but the thought of having to change your whole business model to run differently than in the past can be overwhelming. Referring to the original practices of interviews, how will each step and milestone during the interview process capture all the right information needed if done virtually? With the pandemic forcing organizations out of social norms, many companies who have adopted virtual recruitment practices have successfully shown that this paradigm shift is happening, and it is here to stay.

Virtual recruiting tools prove that new resources are better applicable in the interview process than what the company may have been using before. Items such as a virtual chat bot, video interviewing, professional networking on well-known platforms, and collaboration with your tool of choice such as Microsoft Teams, are all critical aspects when adapting this new type of strategy.


Medium is no barrier for engagement. Over 80% of talent acquisition professionals agree that virtual recruiting will continue post-covid. According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Report, the national rate for remote-job applications was 21.3%. Knowing this, companies have had to shift not only the culture of the job itself, but also by vetting the best possible candidate for that role, based on different targeted demographics they weren’t searching for before.

What if there was a platform that connected both the pool of candidates seeking job opportunities with the employers with job openings looking to fill them with the best possible candidate? With Cynaptx, all your organization’s fears and hesitations of going virtual (or hybrid-virtual) for your recruitment process are alleviated. By being able to collaborate with an already known tool to your company, Microsoft Teams, going virtual and launching your e-recruiting is RIDICULOUSLY easy!

“The reason why we love Cynaptx is because the technology gets out of the way.” -Microsoft

A one-stop collaboration hub for your ENTIRE organization. All your functional teams, HR, Sales, Product, Services, Finance and Admin can now be on one powerful platform for their collaboration workflows, using technology that they’re already used to.

Get up and ready in MINUTES. Cynaptx is ready as soon as you are. Users experience top notch, white-glove support, and personalized customer service from the very beginning. By sharing the best practices and learnings of virtual recruitment, your company will be geared for success from initial setup of the program. Cynaptx does the heavy lifting so you can sit back and enjoy the ride, and take your company and its recruitment process to the next level.


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