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Post by Aug 27, 2021 1:10:16 PM · 1 min read

The Benefits of Hybrid Virtual Engagement

When the pandemic started, many companies and organizations began hosting virtual events.  These early adopters saw the previously untapped benefits of this type of hybrid virtual engagement. Then, with the unforeseeable future of the hybrid workplace due to COVID-19, more and more companies have shifted to a hybrid virtual engagement model to meet all their organization’s needs.

Regardless of the future, the hybrid virtual workplace is here to stay. Be the “pioneer” of your industry by adopting this hybrid virtual engagement strategy early and reap the most reward in the future by being an early adopter of this new norm.

MAJOR Benefits of Adapting a Hybrid Virtual Engagement Platform like Cynaptx:  

  • Ridiculously Easy-to-Use & Efficient platform  
  • One-Stop Hub for collaboration throughout your entire organization  
  • Cost-Effective Approach and solutions to pandemic setbacks  
  • Branding & Marketing – custom brand your landing pages, virtual lobby and booths  
  • Increase Reach by expanding the geographic marketing pool  
  • Host Events Virtually for attendees to join from the safety of their own home  
  • Advanced Tracking & Reporting of any desirable attainable measures  
  • Your Choice of Collaboration Tool – save time with organization’s integration of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and/or Google Meet  
  • Easy Cloning of Events – essentially “copy and paste” to host a mass number of events  

One key takeaway the pandemic taught us is that if companies adopt a hybrid workplace model, they can efficiently still host key events and conferences virtually, whether the in-person event is still occurring or not. Cynaptx makes this process seamless for your organization to adopt and integrate. Cynaptx considers both in-person and virtual aspects, combines the two, and provides a ridiculously easy-to-use platform for all your organization’s fully or hybrid virtual engagement needs.  

Nowadays, the future can hardly be predicted of the norm of the workplace, whether it’s remaining at home or allowing people back in-office, the most efficient approach is this shift to a hybrid work environment. Don’t let the medium intimidate you – it is no barrier and technology “gets out of the way” when you integrate with Cynaptx.  

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