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How to Maximize Recruitment During a Pandemic

 With the holidays just around the corner, companies are desperately scrambling to hire large amounts of employees in preparation for a season like none before. What do companies need when gearing up for the holiday season during a pandemic? One thing's for sure - they still need staff, whether it's in-person or virtual. 

Seasonal hiring is popular in large corporations - such as Nordstrom, FedEx, and so many more. USPS is looking to hire 40,000 employees for the upcoming season. That’s A LOT. Companies are already struggling to find candidates to fill crucial open positions, but also trying to find the RIGHT candidates makes it even harder. But how can you reach THAT many people and the RIGHT people? 

The pandemic has shifted today's "norm" of a workplace, but that doesn't mean business stops. The paradigm shift in how businesses continue to operate during the pandemic has proven that a hybrid virtual workplace is most successful during a time like this. A combination of both in-person and virtual events has allowed companies to adapt to this dramatic change in a short timeframe. 

Cynaptx is that next-gen virtual recruiting platform that has all your recruiting needs during these times. With no set-up time and a quick, go-live structure, be up and running immediatelyPowered by Microsoft Teams, your company won't have to disrupt any of their everyday workflows by learning new software. Cynaptx is the ultimate one-stop collaboration hub, creating seamless integration from the very beginning of your recruiting process, during interviews, application submissions, all the way to onboarding and new-hire processes.

We saw the world change before our eyes, but we make the best of what we can! This concept of hybrid virtual allows companies to run more efficiently. Reach an increased number of qualified candidates your company is looking for by running these virtual career fairs on Cynaptx. Still maintain that personalized and in-person feel with meetings and one-on-ones, automatically synced with your calendar to ensure an enhanced experience. And, when mastered and fully adopted, it will be known as the "new norm" of the next generation. 

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