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Successfully Hiring Millennials Starts with an Effective Career Services Management System

The internet and social media platforms have completely changed the way we live our lives on a day to day basis. Hiring is not exempt to these changes. To move in harmony with the existing world, it is vital that every business begin to change the way they look at career services management.

Instead of struggling through the hiring process for millennials, life becomes easier when we introduce a higher level of communication and engagement. The generation of employees may be changing, as it always does, but that doesn’t mean the core values and expectations that your company prefers in it’s employees must do the same.

The Difference in Hiring Millennials

There are a few ways that millennials tend to differ when it comes to hiring them on for a job. Millennials tend to be pickier, in general, about workplace standards when it comes to the work/life balance.

You’ll also see the desire for more digital communication from millennials. More often than not, potential employers are setting up remote positions, communicating primarily through text, email and platforms like Skype.

However, it’s not impossible to place a millennial in a traditional role within an establishment. Most have a very good work ethic, as long as they like what they do. Recruiting millennials can be easy, as long as you’re willing to make a few changes.

Recruiting Millennials

Millennials are typically on the hunt for a position where the benefits are stellar. Health insurance is more important to this generation than those preceding it. Also, a competitive vacation and perks package doesn’t hurt. After all, taking care of your employees now will pay off in the long run in the form of loyalty and success.

Upgrade your office. Make it comfortable! If you manage to wrangle a millennial in for a face to face interview, creating an inviting atmosphere is a major plus. A brightly lit break room, ample work space and healthy snacks will all help sway indecisive minds.

Offering choices on every level, as well as open communication and acceptance of a difference of opinion is vital for drawing this generation into the workplace. It can be difficult for many employers to make the switch, but in the end it’s worth it. Your office will run on a higher level of efficiency, backed by trust.

Proceed With Caution?

While Millennials have definitely received a bad reputation when it comes to work ethic, you’ll come across only a handful that truly aren’t ready for the workplace and the demands that come along with it.

This can be said of people from every generation, and is no reason to put off missing out on the thousands of very qualified millennials. They work differently, with the desire to express opinion and contribute, and employers will easily benefit from this enthusiasm.

Career Services Management Can Help

Prepping for the workplace begins with students. A company like Cynaptx will help prepare students and increase engagement with potential employers and organizations. By using Cynaptx, you’ll be able to recruit candidates from a variety of schools.

There is a bit of a gap that currently exists between employers and potential Millennial employees. A great career services management system will help to bridge that gap by amplifying the need for communication and visibility. Call us today to see how Cynaptx can help you!

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