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Micro Virtual Job Fair – An Emerging Trend in Virtual Hiring

Job Fairs, as all of us know, are generally a large-scale event which is conducted to facilitate mass hiring. A Job Fair can be defined as a set-up that brings together the job seekers and recruiters to enable meaningful interaction that can lead to talent acquisition. With Covid 19, in person job fairs are not a viable option anymore and the world has adopted the virtual way of doing business. Talent Acquisition is one key area that has struggled to a certain extent to pivot to virtual during the initial days of COVID. But now, a new trend which is being rapidly adopted by Small, Medium, and Large organizations is solving the challenges faced in Talent Acquisition – Micro Virtual Job Fairs. 

Micro Virtual Job Fairs are small virtual fairs conducted when the requirement is to hire five or more resources. Each department in an Organization can conduct micro virtual job fairs for their talent acquisition. 

Why is Micro Virtual Job Fairs becoming popular? 

  • Ease of Administration: Managing a large virtual hiring event requires thorough planning where all the hiring managers/department heads from every department participating in the fair should be available. Micro Job Fairs can be planned and executed in a matter of few days just for a particular department with less confusion and effort.


  • Best suited if Talent Acquisition team is small: A micro virtual job fair can be handled by a 2-member Talent Acquisition team with ease. Smaller events involve lesser coordination effort and can be handled by a small team.


  • Targeted Events give better results: Micro Virtual Job fair can be an extremely focused event – Which aims at fulfilling the hiring requirements of limited departments. This helps the event organizing team to stay focused on attracting more candidate registrations from the targeted talent pool.


  • Better Resources Hired: Micro Virtual Job Fair leads to hiring of quality resources since the event is focused on few hiring requirements and thus facilitates better interaction between the recruiters and candidates. Recruiters have more time available at these events to interact and gauge candidates.


  • Suitable even for smaller organizations:  Smaller organizations have been hesitant to organize career fairs for attracting candidates as they generally hire in small numbers. But with the new trend we are witnessing, small and medium size organizations are successfully hiring candidates using micro virtual job fairs and engage quality talent.


Essentials of Micro Virtual Job Fairs 

A Simple, Easy to use, Secure and Value for money technology platform is indispensable to successfully organize a Micro Virtual Job Fair. A Virtual Job Fair platform can automate almost all the critical activities involved in organizing the hiring event. A platform that is integrated with a familiar and popular meeting tool such as Microsoft Teams makes it extremely easy for the candidates and recruiters on the dadssy of the event. This can also avoid the event participants and hiring managers to go through a learning curve to use any platform.

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