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Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair

Delivering the next-gen virtual career fair experience using Microsoft Teams

Cynaptx VCF is built using Microsoft Teams which makes it the most sophisticated, the easiest to use, and a secured solution. Cynaptx utilizes the native capabilities of Microsoft Teams providing a delightful user experience to your Students and Employer Partners.

Break the shackles, absolutely no limits

Unlimited meetings, interviews and chats, unlimited hours of video calls, unlimited number of fairs, unlimited number of booths – We do not restrict you in anyway unlike the traditional VCF platforms. It’s truly unlimited.

Device Agnostic

Works seamlessly on mobile, laptops and tablets.

Can be used with any CSM platform or CRM system

You can use Cynaptx VCF platform irrespective of which CSM system you are using. We can also integrate with any CRM application such as SalesForce, MS Dynamics…




  • Virtual Event Lobby
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall with booths
  • Virtual Presentation rooms
  • Dedicated Chat Room
  • Meeting Booking
  • Employer Registration
  • Online Payment
  • Student Registration
  • One on One Meetings
  • Job Board
  • Survey
  • Reporting

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Can students submit their resumes to recruiters/employers?

Yes, students can their resumes with employers while booking a meeting, while expressing interest for a job, or they can just drop their resume at the virtual booth if the employer is accepting.

Can students signup on the day of the event?

Yes they can. The control will be with the career centre whether they should allow students to register on the day of the event.

Can students see the list of sessions they attended, interviews scheduled & completed and booths visited?

Yes, each student will be able to access their event history which will include all their activities sorted by date and time.

Will Career Center or the Event Organizer get to see the student activities?

Absolutely! Cynaptx VCF puts career center in control of the entire event. Career Centers or Organizers can track activities of each and every student.

Can Career Center get a list of activities of Employers?

Yes, employer activities are tracked in the system and event organizers have access to that list

Can students, employers and career centre get transcripts of the chats?

Yes, Transcripts of chats during the fair will be available.

Is Microsoft Teams used for meeting?

Cynaptx is built on top of Microsoft Teams. Chats, calls and video calls are provided using Microsoft Teams.

Can our existing Office 365 license be used?

Yes, your existing Office 365 license is good enough.

How payments can be collected from Employers?

Payments can be collected using online and offline modes. They can pay online using credit card or you can collect the payment by any other means and update the payment status in the Cynaptx application.

How is the technical support during the event?

A dedicated support team will be assigned to each event to ensure that you get the best in class user experience.

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