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Introducing next gen virtual career fair using Microsoft Teams

Recruitment for entry level jobs and internships have gone virtual. According to Gartner, by 2024, 75% of all formal meetings will happen virtually. Every aspect of collaboration, including college hiring will become more and more virtual. Colleges and employers will have to embrace to this new normal of virtual hiring with help of better collaboration solutions.

One of the key pillars of college hiring process is Career Fairs. A Career Fair is a forum where students and employers gather and interact creating career opportunities and outcomes. This used to happen in person where students would meet recruiters in their booths. In that short conversation, students would introduce themselves and give a pitch about their background, they would share their resume and discuss any job opportunities. Also, recruiters would talk about their organization, roles they have open and determine if it’s a good idea to invite the candidate for further discussions and interviews.

Leading software organizations like Microsoft have been driving innovations on virtual solutions to enable remote work. Microsoft’s flagship collaboration tool – MS Teams is leading the way in virtual collaboration and productivity. MS Teams has been a game changer in bringing the professional world together during the COVID-19 crisis. For e.g. Firstline workers and healthcare responders are handling scheduling, shift management, coordination using MS Teams. Colleges are using MS Teams to support distance learning by creating virtual classrooms handling conversations, online meetings, assignments, content and project collaboration. These are few of many success stories.

We are proud to announce that Cynaptx is bringing the power of world class Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Teams to manage and run Virtual Career Fairs.

What can you do in a Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair? 

  • Career Services can setup a Career Fair event. They will be able to provide virtual booth information, setup payment, setup sessions, time slots other logistics and invite employers and students. They can then moderate, co-host and run reports.  
  • Employers will register, make payments, setup their virtual booth (company profile and other details), invite recruiters, setup group meetings/company presentations, live events, 1:1 meetingand host audio, video, and web conferencesThey can invite students to apply to their open jobs and conduct evaluation and interviews etc. 
  • Students can join group sessions, request and participate in 1:1 meeting with employers. They can then apply to jobs and do post event follow-ups.  

Collaboration will happen in Cynaptx using Microsoft Teams features such as online meeting, scheduling assistance, meeting notes, high quality audio, video, screen sharing, recording of meetings, file sharing and instant messaging.

How is Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair different? 

  • Built on Microsoft technologies – MS Teams, Outlook Calendar, Azure – We have used the best collaboration tool in the world to deliver exceptional solution around virtual career fair.
  • No Fair limits: You can have a Career Fair spread over many days (3 days or 15 days)
  • No group session limits: You can have as many group sessions setup as needed.
  • No scheduling limits: You can allow for 100s of groups and 1:1 session as needed.
  • Unlimited fairs: You can have as many fairs in a year as needed. There are no limits
  • Large meetings: Up to 10,000 attendees: This is particularly useful when your entire student population is remote and wants to attend a popular session.
  • Custom Branding: We understand that your brand is important and allow for branded emails and portal.
  • Security: Microsoft Teams is one of the most secure collaboration tools. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  • Native access to Office 365 suite – OneDrive, SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, Excel that allows for easy file sharing etc.
  • Ready to use platform and can be up and running in days of you signing up.

When will this launch?

Fall 2020. We are going to conduct a webinar to showcase this offering.

Please click here to register.  

How much will it cost? 

We will be onboarding the first 100 schools for free for the year as part of the pilot program. We will have multiple plans. You can choose to have a tiered price or variable price based on the percentage of revenue from fair registrations.

About Us

Cynaptx is part of Microsoft for Startup and Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem and runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud. This enables Cynaptx to natively connect to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 products such as Outlook, MS Teams, Word etc. and bring the best of Microsoft technologies to drive virtual career fair solutions.

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