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Why Customizable Career Services Management Applications Are In Demand?

Career Services Management is an extremely critical function in a Higher Education institution and Career Services staff members command a lot of respect from the students and education fraternity in general. Now a days, Career Centers are technology and data driven and there are various sophisticated tools available at the disposal of the career centers. However, the Career Services Management system space is witnessing a radical change with the advent of customizable career services management solutions. What does customization mean here? – It’s about having a Career Services Management System tailor made for a particular institute to suit their unique needs. For instance, some institutes would want all the jobs posted by the recruiters to go through an approval processes before students can access those jobs and submit application. At the same time, certain other institutes would not want this approval process. The preferences could be based on the size and category of the institute. Does your CSM application allow you to have processes and modules exactly the way you want?

Every School Is Unique

Unfortunately, most of the Career Services System providers do not acknowledge that “Every school is unique” and hence those systems are rigid and cannot be customized. In essence, the career centers are forced to live with processes and features which the software vendor has forced up on them. Career centers lose their unique identity and competitive advantage they may have over other institutes by having a better process. The role of career services professionals will transform into a Strategy role from just an Advisory role when they can have their own processes, features and workflows.

Pros of Customizations

Essentially, a customizable application is more effective as it:

  • Can be easily updated for new trends in education or recruiting;
  • Gives you a lot of convenience and optimize time utilization.
  • Ensures the system will not become obsolete in future years;
  • Can encourage innovation and adding creative ideas to the career services process;
  • Can give you a competitive advantage over other educational institutions.


If you’re considering using a career services management application, you should opt for one that can be customized to what you need and the process you have. Hence it makes sense for you to try out Cynaptx kind of applications.

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