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Endearing the Interviewer

Whether you are pursuing medicine and engineering or art and literature, one question that might be giving you sleepless night is, “How do I face the interviewer?”

Well, you are not alone. Students from all different generations have gone through this. After all, this is the first step into the grown-up world. But as a student from the millennial generation, you are better equipped to handle it –

Technology at your disposal: You are in an era where technology is changing the phase of the world. To get into the depth of the interview, you have a lot of resources in terms of searching, preparing and selecting your first job. Career Service Platform like Cynaptx can help you to be self-sufficient while searching for relevant jobs. Features like AI (artificial intelligence) driven job search provides a platform to connect recruiters and ‘hiring managers’  to relevant students. These capabilities are definitely going to give an extra edge to prepare for your interview.

It is always a good practice to research the organization that you are getting the interview call and the interviewer as well. The search results are going to give you a fair idea about the management, employees and above all organization culture.

The information you collect is going to give you much-needed confidence to face the interviewer. Knowing the personality of the interviewer, you can prepare the answers for the interviews.

Readiness for the job: Preparation is the most important aspect while beating the interview blues. Your job readiness depends on being attentive from the very beginning of the hiring process –

  • Preparing your Resume: A good resume is like an extension of your personality. Your resume is your first impression on the recruiter and hiring manager. So, spend some time to build your resume. Do a quick recap of your achievements as a student in the last few years. Don’t forget to mention your extracurricular activities. It is going to give a lot of depth. Cynaptx has feature that allows students to get their resume verified by a staff member of their institution or college.   This way you are sure that your resume is error free.
  • Read the Job Description carefully : Before applying for any job, read carefully the job description. An organization or a recruiter publishes a JD (Job Description) to screen through those candidates whose skillset match the most. If you go through the JD in details, you can articulate it better whether the job suits your skills or not.   Only if the skillsets match, then apply. It is going to save your time as well as the recruiter. 
    If 50 percent of your skills do not match to the job description, you can get in touch with the recruiter to learn more about the job posting. You can also communicate with the staff from your placement center. Cynaptx has a feature where you can raise ‘ticket’ to seek help from the staff.
  • Master your craft: Nobody gets brownie points to remind students during their job search to review relevant topics that might come up before interviewing. Surveys show that students who know their subjects well, face the interview with much confident and poise. 

Mock Interview: A mock round of interview is a great way to boost confidence. Students can schedule Mock Interviews using Cynaptx with career service staff to conduct a mock session to know how fluent you are to answer the questions.

Practice a positive attitude: You have boosted your confidence by accepting help through technology, mastering your craft. You have also gone an extra mile by keeping in mind the small details to give your best. What do you need next?

A positive attitude is the answer. The most impossible task gets accomplished with a positive attitude. And employers are keen on hiring candidates who have this trait. This attribute is also going to help you throughout, whether dealing with the interviewer or your personal stuff. It’s a great life skill to develop while combating different life scenario.

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