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COVID-19: Shift your Career Center online today and make it effective

The new corona-virus outbreak has prompted college and universities to start shifting classes online — either for a few weeks or for the remainder of the spring semester. This is definitely a very challenging time specially for colleges and universities that are not equipped to efficiently provide career services online and remotely.

Career Services typically require close collaboration between students, career centers and employers for career advising, job search and employer relationship management. This is a highly critical function at any academic institution. However, those institutions, especially smaller sized, whose career centers are not fully online will face heavy disruption. They will not be able to serve their student and employer population during this challenging time. That is why we are offering to help.

 We want to help colleges and universities impacted by COVID-19 to get their career centers online: Starting this week, we’ll roll out free access to Cynaptx advanced Career Services Management system through Aug 1, 2020.

What does it mean:

  • We are offering Cynaptx Career Services Management (CSM) system to colleges and universities that do not have a career services management system today.
  • We will get your CSM site up and ready in 1 day and import your students in 1 day (if you give us your data in Excel format).
  • We will train you for 1 day and provide you with all the resources – help guide, support desk, and product videos to make you successful.
  • You will be fully operational in 3 days.

What you get:

  • A full suite Career Services Management system that takes your Career Center online.
  • Access to 200,000+ entry level jobs which can be focused towards your institution.
  • Staff portal: Job management, event management, surveys, announcements, appointments and calendars, reports, content, student/alumni/recruiter management, request management.
  • Student portal: search and apply for jobs, register for events, browse employers, collaborate using content, appointments, and raise requests.
  • Employer portal: browse candidates, manage jobs, track applicants, join career fairs, interview management, raise requests.

This is a No obligation, free use of all our product and service capabilities through Aug 1, 2020. Our goal is to help you shift your career center online so that you can effectively run Career Services during this crisis.

How to get started?

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